I’m a he/him living in Stockholm, Sweden.

Portrait of Alvar Lagerlöf

My story

It all began with a $2 computer. How do you ask? Well, when I was younger, I played Minecraft a lot. Naturally, I wanted to play with my friends, so I figured I'd create a server for us.

So I went to a flea market and searched for the cheapest computer I could find. For $2, I got an absolute wreck. Not knowing what I had bought, I took it home and installed a Linux distribution on it.

It worked better than expected. But something was missing. All "cool" servers had a website. I wanted mine to have one too. An Apache install and some typing later, there was a website. It snowballed from there. Being a developer was more fun than playing the game.

Since then, I've experimented with many things. Everything from Android and iOS apps, to decentralized tic-tac-toe, to neural networks based. Along the way, I realized that I am becoming more and more interested in design as well. When I'm not either of those, I like to ski and take photos.

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